Day seventy nine. I feel a little bad today. Maybe I have caught a cold. My Wife thinks so, so she made me okayu. Okayu is japanese food for sick people. The best way to describe it is as a kind of porridge with rice, oatmeal and a lot of other stuff. She said this one has more than 30 different things in it. It tastes good, but looks kind of weird, like most porridge… =)

79日目。今日はちょっとだるいよ。マイ・ワイフは「風邪を引いたよ」と言って、お粥を作ってくれた。このお粥は30以上穀物が入っている。まずそうだけど、美味しいよ。オートミールとお粥はほとんどそうだね~ ( ^_^)



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