Day one hundred and thirty two. My Wife was in school today. She is studying swedish, and learning fast. Anpankun and me stayed at home. We played, watched TV, made some food and he had corn snacks. He can eat those all by himself.



3 thoughts on “365:132

  1. 案染んだり× ← 遊んだり◎
    コーンのスナック菓子? 甘そうな響(ひび)きだ・・・でもまっいっか。

  2. Ahh. I did not know that. The snack Anpankun is eating is not sweet, it has almost no taste at all. Kind of like paper. But, he likes it anyway. =)
    It is made for small children…


  3. Oh!
    You explained it in detail about snack. It’s nice. Thank you!

    案染んだり× ←母には意味不明(いみふめい)。絶対(ぜったい)直(なお)した方がいいよ!

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