About Me and this blog

I am Bergsjo, a mid-thirties swedish man living in Japan. I have two kids. This is blogg is a way for me to share our lives with anyone who wants to see what we are up to but also to share with my future self and children, so that one day we can recall and remember days that would otherwise have been forgotten.


365 Project?

One day, one picture. For one year that is. I suppose to do it “right” you should start on the 1st of january, but doing things the right way is not all too important to me. So, I started mine on the 9th of april instead. Just as good a day as any other… I did one year and began on a second but could not go through with it.
Two years later I found myself looking at those pictures and it brought back so much. I was a good feeling, but stained with the sadness of not having pictures from every day for two years. On the ninth of november 2014 I started 365:3.




One thought on “About Me and this blog

  1. Hi

    I would like to use one of your photos on one of my devices in a retail space. How would i go about acquiring the sufficient information for this?

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